Growing the Green Way

This popular environmental education series offers Guilford County citizens a variety of landscaping and gardening classes that can help save time and money. Each class is offered at three locations:

  • GML: Glenn McNairy Branch Library,
    4860 Lake Jeanette Road
  • AE: Greensboro Arboretum Education Building,
    401 Ashland Drive
  • KCE: Kathleen Clay Edwards Library,
    1420 Price Park Road

    Classes are free but registration is reguested. Programs are designed to be approximately one hour long, but may run longer depending on
    questions and discussion -- which is encouraged!

Extending the Harvest: The Vegetable Garden in the Fall

End of summer is the time to plan and plant for your garden’s third productive season! Vegetable gardening for the year does not have to end with the tomatoes and cucumbers. Let’s talk timing, to maximize your garden’s yield with fall and even winter crops. We’ll also discuss season extenders and other tips and techniques to keep your garden growing well past the first frost.

Date Location Time To Register
Mon., Aug. 14 KCE 6:30 pm

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Thurs., Aug. 17 GML 6:30 pm
Sun., Aug. 20 AE 4:00 pm

Beautiful and Sustainable Lawns - A Greener Yard

In the Piedmont, rejuvenating lawns is best done in fall. Knowing and using good growing practices all year also saves you time and money, and reduces environmental impact. Establishing a healthy stand of grass with good planning and sensible management will minimize issues with weeds and diseases - you can have a beautiful healthy lawn and still reduce the impact and expense of lawn chemicals.

Date Location Time To Register
Mon., Aug. 28 KCE 6:30 pm

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Thurs., Sept. 7 GML 6:30 pm
Sun., Sept. 10 AE 4:00 pm


Fall is for Gardening! What Should I Do Now?

Spring and summer gardens are beautiful, but fall is a wonderful season for gardening in the Piedmont! This is the perfect time for planting, transplanting, and starting fall-flowering containers - after the long hot summer, cooler temperatures make it easier on the plants and on the gardener too. Simple seasonal chores like winterizing tools are also on the list, to help you be prepared for future gardening seasons.

Date Location Time To Register
Mon. Sept. 11 KCE 6:30 pm

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Sun., Sept. 24 AE 4:00 pm
Thurs., Sept. 28 GML 6:30 pm


Spring Flowering Bulbs

For beautiful flowers in spring, plan ahead and plant some bulbs after the first autumn frost. Flowering bulbs like daffodils, hyacinths, and crocus are among the earliest flowers every year - some even start to bloom as early as January! Bulbs can be planted in flower beds, in lawns, under and around trees, or grown in containers - many will come back and even multiply for years of beauty with minimal care.

Date Location Time To Register
Sun., Oct 8 AE 4:00 pm

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Wed., Oct. 11 KCE 6:30 pm
Thurs., Oct. 19 GML 6:30pm


Composting and Vermicomposting

What to do with all those leaves?! Composting is a great way to recycle, and it also produces a fantastic organic amendment that improves the texture and fertility of your soil and helps everything grow better. We will discuss easy ways to start composting in your own backyard, and what should and shouldn’t be composted. We’ll also go over the easy steps for having a successful “worm bin” at home.

Date Location Time To Register
Sun., Oct. 22 AE 4:00 pm

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Mon., Oct. 30 KCE 6:30 pm
Thurs., Nov. 2 GML 6:30 pm



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Growing the Green Way is a cooperative project of Greensboro Beautiful, Guilford County Cooperative Extension, Guilford County Master Gardeners, and the City of Greensboro.